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Student Liaisons
ACC National Capital Region

Mission Statement:
ACC National Capital Region is committed to enhancing the personal and professional lives of its members by helping them to become smarter, save time and money, and advance their careers through education, fellowship, and public service.

Gregory Watchman - President  
Mary Chapin - President-Elect  
Shannon Graving - Executive Director  
Diane Ennist - Vice President of Engagement, Leadership, & Community  
Steven Sherman - Vice President of Programming  

American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists

Mission Statement:
The American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, U.S. Affiliate of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, is a professional not-for-profit lawyers association dedicated to promoting the rule of law and human rights around the world. To fulfill its mission, the association files amicus briefs, engages in issue advocacy, and sponsors a variety of educational programs.

Email: info@jewishlawyers.org
Phone: (202)775-0991

Rhonda Lees - Vice President  

American Immigration Lawyers Association, D.C. Chapter

Mission Statement:
Founded in 1946, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is a bar association of more than 7,500 attorneys and law professors who practice and teach immigration law. Member attorneys represent U.S. businesses and industries, foreign students, entertainers, and asylum seekers, often on a pro bono basis. AILA provides its members with conferences and events, continuing legal education, information, news, professional services, and expertise through its 35 chapters and more than 75 national committees.

Mayabanza Bangudi - Chair  
Hudaidah Bhimdi - Chair-elect  
Pauline Schwartz - Contact
Mohammad A Syed - Contact  

Asian Pacific American Bar Association of the Greater Washington, D.C. Area

Mission Statement:
The Asian Pacific American Bar Association (APABA) is the oldest and largest association of Asian Pacific American attorneys in the Washington, DC, area. Since APABA was established in 1981, its membership has grown into a diverse group of approximately 300 lawyers, law students, educators, and other interested individuals. APABA serves the professional needs of its members and promotes legal issues of interest to the Asian Pacific American community locally and nationally. In 1993 APABA established the Asian Pacific American Bar Association Educational Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educational efforts such as providing summer fellowships to law students and coordinating a mentor-mentee program. In 1998 APABA, along with the Indian American Bar Association and the area Asian Pacific American Law Student Association, established the Asian Pacific American Legal Resource Center, a referral center for pro bono legal services targeting the needs of Asian Pacific Americans in the metropolitan area.

Email: apaba@apaba-dc.org

Ethel Badawi - President
Yifang Zhao - President-Elect

Bar Association of the District of Columbia

Mission Statement:
Founded in 1871 and chartered in 1874, the Bar Association of the District of Columbia is the oldest private voluntary association representing lawyers practicing in the District of Columbia. The organization offers you an opportunity to serve the community through valuable and personally rewarding public service; work with other lawyers in your field of law; expand your knowledge in other fields of law; practice in a jurisdiction containing the nation’s highest density of courts, and the largest and most diverse body of practicing attorneys; to improve your practice and help the community by participating in the only Bar Association-sponsored Lawyer Referral Service in the District; to broaden your acquaintances among lawyers and judges of the jurisdiction; and make a contribution toward the improvement of the administration of justice. The Bar Association of D.C. is the voice of the private, practicing attorney in this city. Its officers, staff, and numerous committees and sections are dedicated to making that voice heard in the interest of equal justice and a better community.

Email: info@badc.org
Phone: (202)223-6600 (ext. 4)

Kevin Judd - President  
Andrew Cook - President-elect  

Bar Association of the District of Columbia, Young Lawyers Section

Mission Statement:
The Young Lawyers Section (YLS), which is open to attorneys admitted to practice in the District of Columbia who are less than 37 years of age or have practiced law for five years or less, is dedicated to serving the needs of the District’s new and young practitioners. The YLS sponsors educational and career development seminars; oversees pro bono projects such as the Zacchaeus Free Legal Clinic and Operation Crackdown; and publishes the District’s Civil and Criminal Jury Instructions. In addition, the YLS hosts a number of social events each year, providing attorneys with a way to meet others with like interests.

Phone: (202)223-6600 (Ext. 4)

Hannah Amundson - Chair  

Capital Area Muslim Bar Association

Mission Statement:
CAMBA's mission is to foster a sense of fellowship amongst diverse Muslim legal professionals and establish an institutional presence within the Capital Area legal community. CAMBA strives to elevate our members to prominence, develop future leaders, and amplify our collective voice to impact legal issues affecting the Muslim community.

Lukman Azeez - President
Al-Amyn Sumar - Vice President  

D.C. Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Mission Statement:
The mission of the District of Columbia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is to protect and ensure by rule of law those individual rights guaranteed by the laws of the District of Columbia and federal Constitution in criminal cases; encourage cooper

Email: dcacdl@gmail.com
Phone: (202)393-3004

Jenifer Wicks - President  
Cory Carlyle - Vice President  

D.C. Defense Lawyers Association

Mission Statement:
The association consists of attorneys who devote substantial time to the defense of civil cases in the courts of the District of Columbia. The association provides for an exchange of information on the procedures and law related to the defense of civil actions. The association seeks to elevate the standards of trial practice, improve the adversary system, work toward elimination of delay in civil litigation, and increase the quality of service that the legal profession renders to the community.

Charles Peoples - President

District of Columbia Bar Communities

Mission Statement:
With more than 24,000 members, the 20 communities of the D.C. Bar offer a wide selection of professional activities with more than 600 events and publications produced annually. The 20 communities focus on a variety of practice areas, including environmental law, litigation, intellectual property, health, and international law. For the seasoned practitioner or new attorney, communities provide a myriad of opportunities to advance an individual's specialized interests and network with colleagues. Non-D.C. Bar members may subscribe to a community to learn more about a particular area of law. Subscribers and community members receive mailings, newsletters, and special discounts on programs and publications. Join today and experience the benefits of a D.C. Bar community.

Email: Communitiescommittee@dcbar.org

Felicia Battista - Chair
Candace Smith-Tucker - Contact  
Thomas Mugavero - Vice-Chair

Energy Bar Association

Mission Statement:
The Energy Bar Association (EBA) is a voluntary association of attorneys and professionals whose mission is to enhance the professional competence of those who practice and administer energy law. The EBA is an international, nonprofit association of attorneys and professionals active in all areas of energy law. It has more than 2500 members, formal chapters in Houston, Mid-West, New Orleans, Northeast, Southern, and Western regions of the United States, with an increasing number of members internationally.

Email: admin@eba-net.org

Mosby Perrow - President
Delia D Patterson - President-Elect  
Henry Lagrimini - Contact
David Connelly - Vice-President  

Family Court Trial Lawyers Association

Mission Statement:
To provide service to those lawyers who practice before the Superior Court’s Family Division, including practices in child abuse and neglect and juvenile justice. The Family Division Trial Lawyers Association (FDTLA) serves to keep members informed of professional and governmental developments affecting them; serves as a representative and advocate before the court and governmental bodies; organizes voluntary, relevant training programs; and participates with other voluntary groups to improve the neglect and juvenile justice systems for the benefit of the community as well as clients.

Errika Jefferson - President
Robert Cambridge - Vice President  
Stephen Watsky - Vice President  

Federal Bar Association, Capitol Hill Chapter

Mission Statement:
Local chapter of the Federal Bar Association, which, as the national representative and voice of the federal legal practitioner, advances the science of jurisprudence and promotes the welfare, interests, education, and professional development of all attorneys involved in federal law. Today the Federal Bar Association is the leading organization working and acting on behalf of the federal practitioner.

Email: dianewolf@att.net

Geoffrey Cheshire - President  

Federal Bar Association, D.C. Chapter

Mission Statement:
Local chapter of the Federal Bar Association, which, as the national representative and voice of the federal legal practitioner, advances the science of jurisprudence and promotes the welfare, interests, education, and professional development of all attorneys involved in federal law. Today the Federal Bar Association is the leading organization working and acting on behalf of the federal practitioner.

Nicole Bacon - President  
Jonathan Lasken - President-elect  
Robert Caplen - Vice President  

Federal Communications Bar Association

Mission Statement:
The Federal Communications Bar Association (FCBA) is a volunteer organization of attorneys, engineers, consultants, economists, government officials and law students involved in the study, development, interpretation and practice of communications and information technology law and policy. From broadband deployment ot broadcast content, from emerging wireless technologies to emergency communications, from spectrum allocations to satellite broadcasting, the FCBA has something to offer nearly everyone involved in the communications industry. That's why the FCBA, more than two thousand members strong, has been the leading organization for communications lawyers and other professional since 1936.

Email: fcba@fcba.org

Robert Branson - Co-Chair  
Kathryne Dickerson - Co-Chair  
Kara Graves - Co-Chair  
John Logan - Co-Chair  
Megan Stull - President
Kerry Loughery - Executive Director  
Barry Ohlson - President Elect  

Filipino American Lawyers Association of Washington DC

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Filipino American Lawyers Association of Washington, D.C., is to provide continuing legal education, professional development, networking and social opportunities for its legal community. Furthermore, the Association aims to encourage and promote diversity in the legal community, celebrate and promote the Filipino culture, and serve the greater Washington, D.C., Asian and Pacific Islander American community.

Email: filamlawyersdc@gmail.com

Darren Fernandez - President  
Kaelyne Wietelman - Vice President  

Greater Washington Area Chapter, Women Lawyers Division, National Bar Association

Mission Statement:
Greater Washington Area Chapter of the Women Lawyers Division, National Bar Association's stated purpose is to address the concerns of the District of Columbia metropolitan community with emphasis on African-American women in the legal profession. In furtherance of its purpose, throughout the year, GWAC sponsors many programs for its members and others in the community. In addition, GWAC members implement a tutoring and enrichment program with girls from District of Columbia Public Schools, and work with residents of the Washington Center for Aging Services.

Erinn Martin - President  
Renee Mims - President-elect

Hispanic Bar Association of DC

Mission Statement:
The Hispanic Bar Association of the District of Columbia (HBA-DC) is a network of Hispanic attorneys, professionals, and law students dedicated to the following principles: advancing and developing Latinos in the legal profession; promoting equal justice and opportunity for all Hispanics; educating the Hispanic community about relevant legal issues; promoting the professional development of Hispanic lawyers and law students; encouraging Latinos to enter the legal profession; and promoting the appointment of Hispanics to leadership positions in Federal, state, and local governments, in the judiciary, and in other leadership positions. To put these principles into action, the HBC-DC sponsors and/or conducts numerous and varied activities and programs. For example, the HBA-DC hosts networking opportunities for members, often in cooperation with other bars and professional groups; sponsors seminars on current legal developments; comments on issues affecting Hispanics; evaluates the qualifications of candidates for executive and judicial positions, as well as for vacant positions in the D.C. Bar's Board of Governors and other bar offices, and endorses such candidates when appropriate; gathers and disseminates information on employment opportunities; publishes a newsletter to report on HBA-DC activities; conducts seminars on national and international legal, business and political issues; assists the Hispanic community in obtaining pro bono legal services; advises the membership of opportunities for participation in local government, bar, and civic boards and committees; monitors legislation concerning immigration, bilingual education, welfare reform, budget measures, and other matters that impact the Hispanic community; and sponsors a mentor-mentee program for law students.

Email: Info@hbadc.org

Maritza Perez-Castaneda - President  
Shirley Diaz - President-Elect
Paulina Vera - Vice President for External Affairs

Inter-American Bar Association, D.C. Chapter

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Inter-American Bar Association is to promote the rule of law and the administration of justice and uphold the honor of the legal profession.

Email: iaba@iaba.org

Lourdes Venes - President

International Trade Commission Trial Lawyers Association

Mission Statement:
Since 1984 the International Trade Commission Trial Lawyers Association (ITCTLA) has been the primary organization informing attorneys around the world about section 337 practice (19 U.S.C. § 1337). Association members receive the 337 Reporter, the only newsletter devoted to articles, case highlights, and news of section 337 practice; present, through committees, the views of the section 337 bar to the commission and Congress; attend educational programs that feature prominent international trade officials and commentators; and meet attorneys who share an interest in section 337 litigation. The association is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization. Members and invited guests meet annually to review developments affecting section 337 and to elect officers to lead the association. Reflecting the diverse professional interests of its members, the association maintains 10 active standing committees. At the end of 1995, after several years of debate and numerous proposals, the statute was amended to respond to a General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) panel report that found that section 337 was inconsistent with GATT obligations of the United States. ITCTLA played a leading role in proposing a solution that would comply with U.S. obligations under GATT while still preserving the primary benefits of proceedings under section 337. ITCTLA continues to be active in efforts to improve the administration of section 337 as a remedy to prevent the importation of infringing goods at the border.

Email: admin@itctla.org

David Nickel - President  
Jeffrey Telep - President-Elect  

Iranian American Bar Association, D.C. Chapter

Mission Statement:
IABA is organized for charitable and educational purposes, including the promotion of the social, economic, professional and educational advancement of the Iranian-American community and the community at large. IABA is a non-religious, independent organization and is not in any way affiliated with any other organization.

Phone: (202)344-4045

Golnoosh Hakimdavar - President  

LGBT Bar Association of the District of Columbia

Mission Statement:
The LGBT Bar Association of the District of Columbia is an independent nonpartisan bar association serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender lawyers, law students, and legal professionals in the national capital area. The LGBT Bar Association of the District of Columbia works to advance the rights of members of LGBT individuals, to be their voice within the legal community, and to improve their professional lives. An affiliate of the National LGBT Bar Association, The LGBT Bar Association of the District of Columbia acts in coalition with other local and national groups dedicated to LGBT concerns. The LGBT Bar Association of the District of Columbia sponsors educational programs and social hours throughout most of the year.

Phone: (202)643-1793

Joseph Vardner - President

Metropolitan Washington Employment Lawyers Association

Mission Statement:
The Metropolitan Washington Employment Lawyers Association (MWELA) is comprised of over 300 lawyers who regularly advise and represent employees in employment and civil rights disputes. MWELA is the local chapter of the National Employment Lawyers Association, a national organization of more than 3,000 lawyers dedicated to the advancement of employee rights. MWELA supports the orderly and fair development of the law to the benefit of employees. In keeping with its mission, MWELA regularly holds educational programs, discussions, and networking events for its members and in cooperation with other voluntary bar associations. MWELA regularly files amicus briefs on issues of importance in area courts, conducts moot court sessions for its members, and shares information of value to members, enabling them to keep abreast of pertinent developments in the law. Its annual daylong conference is devoted to the latest issues in the practice of employment law.

Vincent Melehy - President  
Lauren Khouri - Vice President  
Joseph Gebhardt - President Elect  

National Lawyers Guild, D.C. Chapter

Mission Statement:
The National Lawyers Guild is made up of legal practitioners who seek basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. The Guild unites lawyers, law students, legal workers, and jailhouse lawyers of America in a political and social force in the service of human rights—that they be regarded as more sacred than property interests.

Email: dcnlgchapter@gmail.com

Anitra Ash-Shakoor - Co-Chair
John Mccoy - President

Native American Bar Association of Washington, DC

Mission Statement:
The Native American Bar Association of Washington, D.C., is established to promote the educational and professional advancement of Native American attorneys and Indian country. The Association is committed to promoting the sovereignty of Native American tribes and their communities; protecting the legal rights of individual Native Americans, their communities, and their tribes; providing community outreach and education about legal issues that affect Native Americans; and promoting the cultural heritage of Native Americans, their communities, and their tribes.

Rose Petoskey - President  
Joshua Proper - President-elect  
Brendan Mysliwiec - Contact  

South Asian Bar Association

Mission Statement:
The South Asian Bar Association of Washington, D.C. ("SABA-DC") is a voluntary bar association dedicated to the needs, concerns, and interests of the South Asian American legal community in the Washington, D.C. area. SABA-DC's key objectives are to advance the professional development of South Asian American lawyers and law students, increase awareness and dialogue regarding legal issues concerning South Asian Americans, improve access to legal services for the South Asian American community, particularly among the least fortunate; and promote a greater understanding of the legal, political, economic, and cultural environment of South Asia.

Nandu Machiraju - President  
Debodhonyaa Sengupta - President-Elect

Superior Court Trial Lawyers Association

Mission Statement:
Superior Court Trial Lawyers Association (SCTLA) comprises attorneys regularly accepting appointments under D.C.’s Criminal Justice Act. Its members provide skilled and vigorous representation for indigent individuals charged with crimes within the District of Columbia. SCTLA sponsors a continuing legal education program, publishes a quarterly newsletter, disseminates memoranda and model pleadings on topical legal issues, and acts as a conduit for the exchange of views between the Superior Court criminal bench and the Bar. All D.C. Bar members in good standing are eligible for membership in SCTLA.

Betty Ballester - President  
Patricia Cresta-Savage - Vice President  

Trial Lawyers Association of Metropolitan Washington, D.C.

Mission Statement:
The Trial Lawyers Association of Metropolitan Washington, DC (TLADC) seeks to promote the administration of justice, uphold the profession of law, and better prepare its members to advance the cause of those who are damaged in person or property and who must seek redress. TLADC assists lawyers engaged in the practice of law for clients who suffer disability, injury, or damage to property; and through monthly dinner programs, seminars, and other member services provides information useful in prosecuting personal injury, products liability, medical malpractice, and similar claims. TLADC engages in community service activities to promote consumer rights, and promotes and encourages the adoption of legislation and rules to protect and enlarge the substantive and procedural rights of injured persons.

Mary Zambri - Executive Director  

Vietnamese American Bar Association of the Greater Washington, DC Area, Inc.

Mission Statement:
The Vietnamese American Bar Association of the Greater Washington, DC Area (VABA-DC) exists to promote the professional growth and advancement of the Vietnamese American attorneys, encourage and facilitate the entry of Vietnamese American students into the legal profession, and contribute to the public interest by serving as a voice for the local Vietnamese American community and assisting community members with legal concerns. As part of its mission, VABA-DC collaborates with other Asian American groups on issues that affect our members and our community

Linh Ly - President  

Washington Bar Association

Mission Statement:
The Washington Bar Association, founded in 1925, is an association of lawyers and judges who have gathered together to promote legal interests through the practice of law, the just causes of civil rights, and the economic empowerment for all people; and to ensure social respect, in our governmental institutions and forums, for every citizen. The WBA includes a Young Lawyers Division, consisting of lawyers who are 35 years old or younger or who have practiced law five years or less and a Judicial Council, consisting of judicial officers in the District of Columbia. The WBA is committed to the concept of equal justice for all under the law. It encourages the upward mobility and promotes the professional advancement of all members in the legal profession.

Email: info@washingtonbar.org
Phone: 202-349-1059

Kendra Norwood - President  

Washington Council of Lawyers

Mission Statement:
We are a voluntary bar association seeking to help our justice system serve everyone, including those who are poor or marginalized. Our members represent the legal community’s diversity: They come from law firms, law schools, private and nonprofit organizations, and the government. We promote pro bono and public-interest law—by building partnerships between the public, private, and nonprofit sectors; volunteering to provide legal services to those who need them; training and mentoring the next generation of public-interest advocates; and supporting policies that expand access to justice.

Email: info@wclawyers.org
Phone: (202)942-5063

Mark Kovner - President  
Christina Jackson - Executive Director

Washington Foreign Law Society

Mission Statement:
The Washington Foreign Law Society was organized in 1952 to promote knowledge and understanding of foreign law, comparative legal issues, and other international legal matters. The society hosts monthly luncheon meetings and other events from September through May, featuring speakers and panels from foreign countries, international institutions, the U.S. government, and area firms. The society's events provide and opportunity to keep abreast of substantive developments in foreign and international law and to meet and discuss such developments with other members of Washington's internationally diverse legal community.

Email: mail@wfls.org

Michael Teodori - President

Women's Bar Association of D.C.

Mission Statement:
Founded in 1917, the Women's Bar Association of the District of Columbia (WBA) is one of the country’s oldest, largest, and most active women’s bar associations. Helping to reshape the profession, the WBA is committed to promoting women as leaders in the legal community. More than 25 committees and practice area forums sponsor a broad range of programs and events that enhance professional and personal development. The association publishes a newsletter five times a year and has an online directory of members. Membership categories exist for members of the bar, those not yet admitted to practice, and law students, and includes both women and men from the D.C. area.

Email: admin@wbadc.org

Sadina Montani - President  
Bridget Lipscomb - President-elect  
Carol Montoya - Executive Director  

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