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The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) Is Raising Its Legal Head: Understanding the Act and Its Implications *In-Person at D.C. Bar*

October 29, 2018
Credit: 1.0 Credit Hour

Description: The Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 (“FARA”) has been a sleepy legal backwater for most of its history, with relatively few people having a need to understand its intricacies. That has changed now, not only due to the advent of the global economy but also due to several recent high-profile public controversies involving FARA. Many U.S. companies and public relations firms working with foreign governments, state-owned enterprises, and even multinational corporations are encountering issues related to FARA for the first time. And indications from the Justice Department are that enforcement efforts will increase moving forward. It is important now more than ever before for attorneys advising U.S. companies and professional services firms to understand when and how their work with foreign entities of all types could trigger consequences under FARA. During this one-hour CLE program, you will learn about:

• Key terms that define the scope of FARA
• Important exemptions that apply to U.S. entities working on behalf of certain foreign entities
• Responding to inquiries and document requests from the Department of Justice’s FARA Unit
• Preparing and submitting FARA registration and disclosure forms
• Establishing tailored compliance programs to help lobbying firms, public affairs firms, and political consultancies 
  efficiently manage FARA’s compliance obligations.

Faculty: Matthew T. Sanderson, Caplin & Drysdale, Chartered

Fee: $39 D.C. Bar Communities Members; $49 D.C. Bar Members; $59 Government Attorneys; $69 Others

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