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What Are the Rules, Ethics and Common Courtesies That Apply to Arrivals and Departures? *In-Person at D.C. Bar* (NEW)

September 10, 2019

Credits: 1.0 Ethics Credit Hour

Description: Leaving a firm and joining another is not a simple matter.  The “mating dance” between the attorney and firm is often a long process, which includes meetings with a committee, an administrator, Shareholders, Partners, or Members of the limited liability company (“Principals”).  This new and thought-provoking class is intended to open the eyes of those who attend about the attorney and the firms with which they seek to associate in order that the mating dance can result in real objective information being processed before a decision is made. 

When an attorney is contemplating leaving a firm as an associate or Principal, the issue of clients and to whom they belong is often misunderstood.  Among the issues our experienced and insightful presenter will address are:

  • About what and when can a departing attorney speak directly to a client for whom she or he is the principal attorney, about leaving and asking the client to leave also with the attorney?
  • What fiduciary duties are owed to the firm?
  • Do the common law duties of loyalty apply?
  • How are the fees divided?
  • What happens to email, voice mail?
  • What about phone calls to the receptionist?
  • Malpractice insurance – Does the new firm assume prior acts?
  • At what point is a departing attorney interfering with contractual rights of the former firm?

Our insightful presenter will also address issues attorneys commonly face when joining their new firm.  Among the topics he will discuss are:

  • With what should an attorney be most concerned? 
  • How important is the culture of the firm? 
  • How many associates and principals are there?
  • If seeking equity, is it purchased? 
  • Are there alternatives?
  • The firm’s concerns with:
       o Whether clients being brought by the attorney are subject to a dispute with a former firm?
       o What should the new firm advise about those clients? 

This class is a must for attorneys who may be contemplating a move, or are considering the impact a colleague’s impending move or arrival may have on their firm.


  • A. Howard Metro, McMillan Metro PC

Fee: $39 D.C. Bar Community Members; $49 D.C. Bar Members; $59 Government and Non-profit Attorneys; $79 Others

The D.C. Bar CLE Program now offers discounted group registration rates!  For more information, contact the CLE Office at CLE@dcbar.org or 202-626-3488


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