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Hot Topics in the Office of Chief Counsel, OTR: Sponsored by the State and Local Taxes Committee

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This is a handout from a Taxation Community program. ...
Number of pages:9
Year published:2015
Print date:2015-01-21T00:00:00
This is a handout from a program presented by the Taxation Community of the D.C. Bar on January 21, 2015. The program was entitled Hot Topics in the Office of Chief Counsel, OTR: Part 3 of 6 State and Local Taxes Tax Series. This document is a downloadable pdf.
Rosalie Allgood Assistant General Counsel
Edward Blick Senior Litigation Counsel
William Bowie Senior Counsel
Jessica Brown Assistant General Counsel
Bazil Facchina Assistant General Counsel
Aaishah Hasmi Corporate Tax Counsel
Ferdinand S. Hogroian Co-Chair, D.C. Bar SALT Committee (Moderator)
Sonia Kambo Assistant General Counsel
Alan Levine Chief Counsel
Robert McKeon Deputy Chief Counsel
Jamie Yesnowitz Co-Chair, D.C> Bar SALT Committee (Moderator)
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