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ON DEMAND: Anacostia: The Past, Present and Possible Futures of an American River

Credit: 0 Credit Hours
Run Time: 98 Minutes  
**This is a previously recorded program, originally recorded on September 25, 2018.
This year marks the Year of the Anacostia River. Even as the DC region celebrates the great strides that have been made in rehabilitating this beloved river, the occasion also calls for reflection on the choices and circumstances that led to the river's toxic past, and on the trade-offs that its renewal will bring. Our panel will explore the successes and challenges of the Anacostia River cleanup; the work of citizen scientists and citizen activists, alongside government agencies, in shepherding that effort; the role of lawyers and the law in the river's fall and rise; and what is being done, and what needs to be done, to ensure that the communities that lived with the river through its worst years will benefit from its brighter future.
Sponsored by: D.C. Bar Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Community 
Co-Sponsored by: American Bar Association Section of Environment, Energy and Resources; Environmental Law Institute
Related Communities of Interest: Administrative Law and Agency Practice Community; District of Columbia Affairs Community; Health Law Community
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  • Jim Foster, President, Anacostia Watershed Society
  • Kari Fulton, Community Organizer 
  • Jeffrey Johnson, Attorney-Advisor, U.S. Department of the Interior
  • Wesley Rosenfeld, Assistant General Counsel, District of Columbia Department of Energy and Environment
  • Haninah Levine, Esq., D.C. Bar EENR Community (Moderator)
On Demand Registration Fees: $20 Law Student Community Member; $25 Sponsoring/ Related Community Member; $35 Cosponsoring Organizations; $40 D.C. Bar Member; $40 Government/Nonprofit; $60 Non-member
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