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ON DEMAND: Understanding the Intersections of Bias, Decision-making, and Ethics in the Legal Profession

Credit: 0 Credit Hours
Run Time: 72 Minutes
**This is a previously recorded program, originally recorded on September 30, 2020.
Decision-making is at the core of what lawyers do, and yet we are often unaware of the ways that our brains, personalities, life experiences, and social structures affect our decision-making inside and outside of work, often in the form of implicit biases, preferences, assumptions, and expectations that impede fostering a diverse and inclusive legal profession. This session will foster a better understanding of how we think about others, make judgments of people and situations, and otherwise think and behave in ways that are potentially influenced by bias. We will discuss the specific decision-making situations faced by attorneys in their interactions with clients, their colleagues, and the legal profession, as well as helpful strategies for addressing and preventing the undue influence of biases, assumptions, and expectations on decisions.

Destiny Peery, a Principal of The Red Bee Group, is a social psychologist and legal scholar who specializes in the study of identity, bias and discrimination, diversity, equity and inclusion, including their intersections with the law and in spaces within the legal profession. Destiny has been on the faculties of Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law and Duke University School of Law. She also has extensive experience facilitating workshops on cognitive and implicit biases and diversity and inclusion-related topics across the legal profession and other professional communities. Destiny has served as a primary investigator for research on diversity in the legal profession for the American Bar Association (ABA) and the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL). She holds a JD and a PhD in social psychology from Northwestern University.
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  • Destiny Peery, Principal, The Red Bee Group
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