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ON DEMAND: Four Pillars to Build Your Alternative Career

Credit: 0 Credit Hours
Run Time: 106 Minutes  
**This is a previously recorded program, originally recorded on November 7, 2018.
Seriously considering leaving big law or the law, often comes after years of unhappiness and a lateral move. Attorneys who know deep in their hearts they want something different, face three primary challenges: doubt that they can change, concern about finances, and not knowing what else they could do. In this evening workshop, overcome the barriers the hold you back and build the foundation for your alternative career. During this workshop you will identify and mitigate fears that hold you back, discover what else you would love to (and could!) do, understand how to easily and quickly expand your network, and map how to leave without going broke. We will have time for questions and discussion at the end.
Attend this seminar if you want to become confident in your career path and not ruled by fear; free yourself up to explore alternative careers and roles; take control of your career and life.
Elena F. Deutsch, MPH is the Founder of WILL – Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law.  She helps attorneys become clear on what they want next, kick inner nay-sayers out of the driver’s seat, and act on their dreams.  She’s focusing her 30 years of experience in leadership, training and coaching on lawyers who feel stuck, unhappy and want to reclaim control of their careers and lives. Her work has been featured in The American Lawyer, Bloomberg Big Law Business, Above the Law, and more.  
Find her at www.womeninterestedinleavinglaw.com or on Twitter @elenaatwork.
Sponsored by: D.C. Bar Communities Office
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  • Elena F. Deutsch, MPH, Founder of Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law (WILL)
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