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ON DEMAND: Antitrust Issues Confronting Small Business and Professionals

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Run Time: 115 Minutes
**This is a previously recorded program, originally recorded on May 16, 2019.
Antitrust:  it’s not just for big business!  While your news feed is rife with chatter about the antitrust perils faced by the world's largest tech firms, it’s important to know that antitrust risks confront a variety of professionals, corporate managers, and other regional/local businesses in many industries.  And yet . . . these antitrust risks are often discounted or ignored altogether by those who think the law is concerned only with the market's largest, most dominant firms.  In addition, small businesses and professionals need to be aware that they can be the victims of conduct that violates antitrust laws, and know what steps to take.
If you represent professionals or smaller/regional businesses, and need to acquire or refresh a basic understanding of the antitrust laws applicable to your clients, this program is for you!
Veteran antitrust practitioner Tom Gilbertsen, FTC attorney Mark Woodward, and former USDOJ Antitrust Division and local DC antitrust enforcer Don Allen Resnikoff will explore the antitrust issues that smaller businesses and professionals often overlook. To show what the risks to small businesses and professionals look like, our speakers will examine federal and state antitrust enforcement - as well as private lawsuits - against medical providers, trade associations, dealers & distributors, investors, government contractors, corporate directors & officers, and other modestly-sized businesses that have been on the receiving end of antitrust scrutiny.  Mark Woodward will refer to FTC cases, including cases involving agreements not to compete, invitations to collude, and advertising-related restraints.  Don Allen Resnikoff will address state level enforcement. Discussion will include antitrust problems that arise from risky conduct no matter how small the players.  The speakers will also address what small businesses and professionals need to know to avoid being the victims of conduct that violates antitrust laws.
Sponsored by: Antitrust Law Committee of the D.C. Bar Antitrust and Consumer Law Community
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  • Thomas Gilbertsen, The Gilbertsen Law Office
  • Mark Woodward, Deputy Assistant Director, Federal Trade Commission
  • Don Allen Resnikoff (Moderator)
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